Our knowledge of the business environment and the knowledge of an international socio-economic context have encouraged business owners (or organizations) to entrust us with the management and implementation of specific projects mainly in the field of FOOD SECURITY (agriculture, agribusiness, nutrition) to provide practical and effective responses to their expectations.

Among the projects we have had the privilege of implementing, we can mention:

SCHLUTER SA Nyon – SUISSE – (coffee exporter).

  • Implantation of their subsidiary VIRUNGA COFFEE in GOMA DRC: construction and operational management of their green coffee production unit (crops of red cherries, pulping, stripping, sorting of the parchment and packaging for export).

SKIPER Ltd Nairobi – KENYA.

  • Establishment of a production unit for PRE-COOKED, FRESH, VACUUM-FILLED French fries (Hilton Hotel, first client).


  • Implantation of an Incubation Center (Business Incubator) promoting the creation and development of agro-food companies in CIBITOKE: construction, development, control of equipment and implementation.
  • Establishment of a honey processing center: production line of 40 tons of honey / year.

(IN PROGRESS) Establishment of a Fish Processing Center in RUTUMO: construction and installation of refrigeration equipment (cold and freezing rooms).

IPFB – Inter Professions of Fruits of BURUNDI – Bujumbura BURUNDI.

  • Design of a wooden stand for display and sale of fruits and vegetables, easy to assemble and disassemble in less than 3 hours and integrating the basics of merchandising.

Construction of a wooden display stand for fruits and vegetables


  • construction project of a covered market for perishable goods.